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Behavioral Science + Business Strategy

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There is a strategic way to take on diversity, equity, and inclusion: It’s called the Apothecarie Method. Bridging behavioral science and business strategy, our team employs a multidisciplinary approach that will transform your company culture—making it more diverse. More inclusive. And more successful.

At the Apothecarie, we’ll work together with your team to integrate inclusive strategies and equip your leaders with results they can track, trust, and measure. Take a closer look at how we do it.

Qualify with Research

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) management is a multidisciplinary field that includes research and employs methods from sociology, psychology, organizational behavior, education, human resources, economics, and beyond. Our team performs diagnostic assessments that help you identify barriers in your company culture. And discover opportunities.

This is not your average diversity training. Instead, we consult with data backed by science—and with intentionality that targets company growth.

Measure Your Progress

Research shows us where you are, but we’re most interested in helping build a broader cultural vision of where the company is going. Shaped by the data we receive during diagnostics, the strategic action plan we develop is customized to meet defined business objectives—from risk mitigation and bias training to leader development and diversity recruiting.

With the Apothecarie Method, you can quantify and qualify your progress as you become a healthier, more inclusive, more prosperous company.

5 Pillars of the Apothecarie Method


We begin with diagnostic and benchmark assessments to help identify your unique strengths and opportunities. We then use quantitative data to pinpoint exactly where barriers exist; conduct qualitative research to understand why; and then create a strategic action plan that helps your business respond effectively to the ever-changing cultural landscape in your workplace.


We design custom programs and playbooks to help integrate diversity and inclusion into your business practices. We can also help with organizational design, creating intentional structures, processes, and workflows that organically support DEI in the workplace.


We educate your employees and your leadership. Empathy and perspective-taking are key to new habit formation and improved interpersonal relationships; so we facilitate learning opportunities that open crucial conversations with employees about diversity and inclusion (e.g., workshops, podcasts, fireside chats, etc.).


We teach your leaders how to communicate what the company is doing to address diversity, equity, and inclusion—both internally to employees and externally to strategic clients, partners, and prospects.


We help you create a culture of commitment, where actions speak louder than statements. Your employees and clients both expect your company to continually create an equitable experience for all people. Our team helps you stay engaged—and have fun doing it—all while keeping your strategic goals in mind.

Integrate Data with Diversity

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