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The Apothecarie is your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) partner and guide. We consult with human compassion, with data backed by science, and with business growth top of mind. Our service and training packages are perfect for building an inclusive company culture. For navigating critical conversations. Or for an annual training session.

We make diversity deliver, in each case for every client. Because engaging your company at every level makes culture change the thrill it should be.

Start a listening tour

Start a Listening Tour

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Train Your Team

Train Your Team

Service Packages

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Whether you’re wondering how make your company more inclusive or a human resources manager looking for better way to tackle diversity training, you’re in the right place.

Discovery & Dialogue, aka the “Listening Tour”

We always start here. In fact, every service offering includes a listening tour. This provides us with qualitative research (surveys, public profile audit) to pinpoint where barriers and opportunities may exist. We then perform data gathering (focus groups, executive interviews) to help leaders understand perspectives and solve problems.

DEI Council Launch

A healthy DEI council or employee resource group (ERG) is an incredible resource to build a culture of inclusion. Our framework for corporate ERG ambassadorship programs include: a rules of engagement and execution playbook; leadership election; charter creation mission statement and objectives; and training and development in communication, succession planning, data capture, and success metrics.

DEI Training Workshops

We conduct workshop sessions focused on awareness and moving from theory to action. Learning objectives include developing awareness and acceptance as important first steps in unbiasing, supporting conscious inclusion, and establishing allyship within the company. Understanding this concept is a crucial starting point for conversation and an initial step toward mitigating bias as an organization. We then recommend team-level models and processes which can impact the larger organization.

Reshape your company into a more diverse, inclusive, and attractive business. Our company culture package includes a two-year partnership with a strategic rollout plan that manages your entire DEI program, incorporating your business goals and tracking progress across the Apothecarie Method’s five pillars.

We’ll connect with your team weekly to evaluate effectiveness, manage triage, and modify execution plans as needed—so you can track your progress and measure your success as you build a rich, inclusive company culture.

*Example of First Two Quarters of Culture Change Package

Analysis: Surveys, Focus Groups, Executive Interviews, Public Profile
Framework: Committee Establishment
Education: Executive Briefing; Company Allyship Training
Communication: Company Statement; Commitment to Action
Engagement: Discovery & Dialogue Listening Tour

Analysis: Self ID Survey
Framework: DEI Councils
Education: Executive Bias Training
Communication: DEI Vlog
Engagement: ERG Infrastructure

Looking for a more custom solution for your team’s diversity needs? Perfect! (We love custom.)

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